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This-Century Modern

A Century of Amazing Design

Mid-Century Modern has been an enormously popular retro movement in recent years. Original furniture designs still in production many decades later have now sold millions of copies in some instances. There are many reasons why people today delight in these classics, from their intelligent use of materials, to their sleek shapes, to their time honored status and more. Arttitud carries some of the top pieces from this era, including newly manufactured, officially licensed works from Vernor Panton and Pierre Paulin.

Mid-Century Modern as a movement was more about architecture than furniture; Arne Jacobsen and Eero Saarinen for example, were known as architects during their lifetime and not as much for their chairs or household furnishings. In the past, architects used to design furniture to compliment each individual home design, but the boom of mass production after World War II changed that forever. Embracing the future and realities of their day, Mid-Century Modern designers were remarkable in their creative use of new post-war materials, such as fiberglass, plastics and plywood.

This-Century, there are clearly identifiable designers making furniture utilizing all of today's latest technology and ideas, in a way that will be respected and admired for the next half century and beyond. Arttitud represents top European furniture manufacturers, presenting new forward-thinking museum quality works from a generation of pop star designers like Philippe Starck, Karim Rashid, Patrick Norguet and many more. While these works shine for their own merits- or in today's newly constructed spaces- they also would clearly be at home in Joseph Eichler's open and angular Mid-Century Modern homes still standing today throughout California.

High end furniture is meant to stand the test of time.

Flux Chair
Flux, 2009
Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair
Koncord, 2009

Did you know: 'Mid-Century Modern' is an American perspective. European furniture manufacturers tend to call the same Mid-Century items still in production today 'Contemporary Classics.'

Artifort Ribbon Chair
Artifort Ribbon, 1966
Artifort Orange Slice Chair
Artifort Orange Slice, 1960

Artifort Globus, 2007
Artifort Globus, 2007

Driade Nemo, 2011
Driade Nemo, 2011

Slide furniture
Illuminated indoor/outdoor furniture